Seventh sanctions package against Russia implemented

22.07.2022 | 15:35

The sanctions package, which was implemented on 22 July, includes a ban on gold imports from Russia as a new measure.
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The gold import ban covers the following products: gold, including unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form, as well as waste and scrap of gold, gold coins, jewellery of gold, including jewellery plated with platinum.
The prohibition does not affect personal jewellery which is at the passenger’s disposal at the time of crossing the border.

In addition to the gold import ban,

  • the export ban will be extended to machinery and special materials that allow the development of Russia’s military and defence capabilities; 
  • 48 individuals and 9 entities will be added to the list of sanctioned persons;
  • an exemption is granted for the release of frozen assets where this is necessary to prevent damage to the environment or to protect human health;  
  • exceptions are added to ensure the movement of agricultural products, fertilisers and energy carriers.

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