Customs duty

A customs duty is a state tax imposed by EU law that a person or company must pay on goods imported into the European Union (import duties) from third countries (non-EU countries).

Customs duty rates are set on the basis of the common commercial policy of the Union and the rates depend on the extent to which imports of goods may affect the Union’s common market and producers, since the Union’s trade and tariff policy aims precisely to protect the economic interests of the Union.

Customs duties are categorised according to the method used to calculate them:

  • ad valorem duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of goods;
  • specific duty depends on the weight of goods or on the additional unit of measurement; and
  • compound duty is a combination of ad valorem and specific duties.

Import of goods may be subject to excise duty and VAT. in addition to customs duties. No export duties have been imposed on goods delivered to third countries.

Last updated: 23.09.2021

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