How to use e-services

The e-services of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board are available in the e-services environment e-MTA.

The e-services environment of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board shall be used in accordance with the procedure established by regulation No. 15 of the Minister of Finance of 14 March 2019.

Introduction to the e-MTA

Information about the use of the e-services environment as a private person is displayed to each user when entering the e-MTA for the first time. If the user also holds the right of representation of a legal person or receives it later, information about the use of the e-services environment as a legal person is also displayed to the user.

The information will also be available under Settings – Information about the use of e-MTA portal.

After signing in to the e-MTA, a dashboard is displayed first, providing users with a clear overview of their (and represented persons’) tax and customs information and prospective liabilities.

Users have the opportunity to design their own dashboard. It is possible to give priority to the most used content blocks and to change the number and choice of columns displayed in the tables.

Authentication methods

You can sign in to the e-MTA using the following authentication methods:

  • ID-card (also a digital ID, residence permit card, e-Resident digital ID and diplomatic card)
  • mobile-ID
  • Smart-ID
  • EU e-ID

Updating contact details

In order to provide the best services, to send you documents and notices related to taxation and quickly contact you, if necessary, we need your correct and up-to-date contact details.

  • If your contact details change, you can update them yourself at any time in the e-MTA.

    • Sign in to the e-MTA, select a represented person and then Settings - Contact details from the menu.
  • We also send reminders to the e-MTA users every 10 months to update their contact details. For this purpose, we display a screen form in the e-MTA, where we ask to review the contact details and update it if necessary.

If you do not use the e-MTA, you can update your contact details by e-mail or phone and at our service bureaus.

E-MTA user account

An e-MTA user account is created automatically for every person with an Estonian personal identification code. For non-residents who do not have the Estonian personal identification code, the user account is created based on the information obtained from a first successful authentication in the e-MTA. More information in the article "Information for non-residents for using e-services".

User account details can be found in the e-MTA under Settings - User account.

Granting and termination of access permissions

In order to use the e-services, users must have access permissions. Members of the management board of legal persons receive access permissions automatically based on the data of the commercial register. Management board members or persons authorised by them grant access permissions to authorised representatives of legal persons.

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Online services security

Attending to security of information in the e-services environment e-MTA is primarily the task of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, but there are some things the Board cannot take care of. The following is an overview of the measures how the customers, upon using the e-services environment e-MTA, can minimize potential risks and avoid dangers of the internet environment.

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Technical support

From this page you can find help with any technical issues that may occur when using e-MTA.

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Scheduled maintenance

We kindly ask you to take into account the maintenance times when using the e-MTA.

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Technical information of services

Here you can find links to the technical specifications of tax and customs systems, including format requirements for electronically delivered documents and the way data is structured and installed in a document.

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News on services

News on the technical information on services for software developers and subscribing to news.

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X-tee services

The exchange of data between the information systems of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and a legal person via machine-to-machine interface takes place through X-tee data exchange layer. To use the service, it must be opened by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

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The project was financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Last updated: 06.09.2022

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