Contributions to the supplementary funded pension

Contributions to the supplementary funded pension or the III pension pillar may be deducted by a person up to 15% of the income taxable in Estonia, but not more than 6,000 euros per year.

Good to know

  • From a person's taxable income, first the basic exemption, the increased basic exemption for a parent and, under § 28² of the Income Tax Act, up to 1,200 euros in expenses (housing loan interest, education expenses, gifts and donations) are deducted, and then the contributions to the third pension pillar are deducted. Since the tax exemption for third pension pillar contributions is obtained through a refund of income tax, it should be taken into account when making the contributions whether there is any income tax to be refunded after all the deductions. If the income tax paid is already refunded by means of other deductions, the third pillar contributions remain taxable.
  • The deductibility of contributions to the III pension pillar is not subject to the limit of 1,200 euros set out in § 28² of the Income Tax Act.
  • If you make a contribution at the end of the year, please note that the moment when a unit is acquired is considered the time of the contribution. For example, if you make a contribution to the third pillar on 31 December 2021 and a share is acquired for it on 2 January 2022, it is the third pillar contribution for 2022.

 Legal basis

§ 28 of the Income Tax Act

Insurance premiums and acquisition of pension fund units

Personal taxable income, from which 15% is deducted

  • income from employment earned in Estonia (remuneration paid under employment contracts and in the public service, remuneration paid for services provided under a contract governed by public law and remuneration paid to a member of a management or supervisory body)
  • parental benefit
  • unemployment insurance benefit and sickness benefit
  • income from employment earned abroad on which foreign income tax is allowed to be deducted from Estonian income tax (setting-off method, table 8.1 of a personal income tax return)
  • business income
  • gain on asset disposal
  • income from rent and licence fees
  • interests
  • dividends on which income tax of 7% has been withheld
  • taxable pensions (including disbursements from the II and III pillar subject to withholding tax of 20% or 10%), scholarships, grants, bonuses

In the deduction of contributions to the III pillar the following is not considered as taxable income of the individual and is not included in the 15% deduction

  • business income taxed under the Simplified Business Income Taxation Act
  • income from employment received from abroad and dividends that are tax exempt in Estonia (exemption method, table 8.8 of a personal income tax return)

Last updated: 24.03.2022

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