Each traveller entering the European Union and having:

  • cash in the amount of 10,000 euros or more with him/her or
  • other currency or freely convertible assets of the same value (for example, bonds, shares, traveller's checks or similar means of payment),

must complete and submit a cash declaration to the Customs at the border entry point through which they enter the European Union.

Cash declaration forms and notes of completion »

The cash declaration database

The cash declaration database is a sub-register of the register of taxable persons. The data in the register of taxable persons is subject to tax secrecy, disclosure of the data to third parties is permitted only on the bases provided for in sections 28–30 of the Taxation Act. We keep the data for 5 years.

You can at any time request information about the processing of your personal data by e-mail to or via the e-services environment e-MTA.

State and administrative supervision over the processing of personal data is carried out by the Data Protection Inspectorate,