From Estonia to a third country

Before travelling or leaving Estonia to a country outside of the European Union (a third country), get acquainted with the customs rules of this country.

There are special requirements on taking certain goods or personal items out of Estonia. Taking out some types of goods is prohibited. If special requirements have been established on goods or personal items being taken out, these need to be declared in the customs.

Special requirements

Certain goods carried by a passenger or contained in a passenger's luggage are subject to quantitative restrictions or require a special permit for taking them out of Estonia. Make sure to read the special requirements before travel!

Special requirements apply on the following items:

  • medicinal products
  • pet animals to the Russian Federation
  • weapons (including hunting weapons) and ammunition
  • endangered animal and plant species
  • cash
  • cultural objects

More on special requirements

Prohibited goods

Travellers are forbidden to carry across the customs border:

  • cut-and-thrust weapons, firearms and electric shock weapons, as well as ammunition, prohibited for civilian purposes (automatic firearms, brass knuckles, spring-assisted knives, armour-piercing ammunition etc.)
  • narcotic drugs and their precursors
  • erotic or pornographic materials featuring minors
  • alien species endangering fundamental ecological balances
  • radioactive or radiation hazardous items.

Carriage of prohibited goods across the customs frontier is a customs offence that will bring about a fine or a seizure.

Last updated: 25.10.2021

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