Estonian Tax and Customs Board

The Board deals with ensuring the receipt of state budget revenue from state taxes and customs duties, protection of the society and legal economic activities, implementation of national tax and customs policies, ensuring the compliance with tax legislation, customs regulations and other legal acts, issue of activity licences and operating permits for gambling and lotteries, acting as a gambling supervisory agency, and provision of customer services for fulfilment of tax liabilities and performance of customs formalities.

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News and notices


Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) is updating the E-Tax Board authentication process

The Information Technology Centre for the Ministry of Finance, which provides IT services to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, is working in cooperation with banks to reorganise and improve customer security when they log in to the E-Tax Board/e-Customs.



Man found guilty of attempted bribery of customs officer of ETCB’s Eastern Customs Office


Helm: VAT frauds and concealed salaries are focalised