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X-tee environments and joining them

Choice of X-tee environment

The first step in starting to use the data exchange layer X-tee is selecting the environment.

Estonian X-tee has three environments. The choice depends on the user’s readiness to provide data services.

  • When the data service is still under development, choose the development environment.

  • If the data service is ready for testing with the X-tee systems, choose the test environment.

  • When testing of the data service has been completed, join the production environment.

Differences in environments

There are a number of differences between the development, test and production environments. For example, important differences depend on whether the members of the environment are real organisations, whether real data are used or whether the user has to conclude a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Real organisations are members in the test and production environment, but not in the development environment.

  • Real data are used only in the production environment, but not in the development and test environment.

  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the speed at which failures are resolved in different situations is concluded only upon joining the production environment. In the case of the development or test environment an SLA is not concluded, failures are rectified as soon as possible depending on available resources.

The X-tee joining process as a whole depends on whether the user needs the development, test or production environment.

Joining X-tee

Managers of the companies and institutions entered in the Estonian Commercial Register can join the X-tee through the X-tee self-service environment. The Estonian Tax and Customs Board can open the X-tee service to the subsystem of the institution that actually uses the X-tee service.


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