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Valdur Laid has been appointed the new head of ETCB

13 April 2017
Valdur Laid

Valdur Laid who has managed large companies in Estonia and in Finland for a long time will assume office of the director general within the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on June 1. 

The Minister of Finance Sven Sester has appointed the new director general of ETCB on the proposal of the Civil Service Committee for Selection of Top Managers.

“In recent years, the Tax and Customs Board has developed into a modern public sector organisation that advises entrepreneurs. Valdur Laid has managed telecommunications companies on the top level and can bring the high-level know-how and skills with him from the private sector. Using the best private-sector experiences, Laid is well suited for continuing to develop one of the most important institutions of Estonia’s public sector,” said the Minister of Finance Sven Sester

According to Valdur Laid’s words, it is important to continue the present good cooperation between ETCB and companies. “The task of the Tax and Customs Board in addition to the control function is to be a consulting partner for economic operators placing confidence in them that everything with the tax and customs matters is in order. For this purpose, the Board can provide more support in the form of consultations, flexible payment solutions and surveys on tax matters of their sector. At the same time the cooperation helps better to find out drawbacks in business as well to enable equal competition,” said Laid.

The change of people’s habits on using digital services means also the fact for the Board that these e-systems that have served clients well for the last 15 years need to be built up anew.  The new e-TCB which shall be ready for 2020 must be clearly arranged and uncomplicated in order to serve people swiftly and easily both in Estonia and abroad," said Laid.

Valdur Laid has more than 20 years of management experience in the telecommunications, finance and public sectors, over ten years of which being a top manager in large companies in Estonia and in Finland. For the past five years Laid worked for, and beginning from 2014 as a director of, Telia Group’s Sonera in Finland. Earlier Laid served on the Management Board of Elion Ettevõtted AS including eight years as Chairman of the Board, prior to which he worked at the Bank of Estonia, including four years as Member of the Board. 

Laid has graduated cum laude from the Department of Economics at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) and he has earned a Master’s level degree (MBA) in business management from the Lausanne-based IMD.

Press release of the Ministry of Finance