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Upgrade of access rights and authentication services in e-Tax/e-Customs

9 May 2019

Planned maintenance of the information systems of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) has been completed resulting in upgrade of a number of components and services of e-Tax/e-Customs (e-TCB).

According to the head of service department at ETCB Triin Raaper, authentication and access rights services were updated during the scheduled maintenance, which makes the use of ETCB’s public services even more convenient and secure. „It is another phase of the development of e-TBC, aimed at improving our digital service environment so that customers find it is easy to use, “Raaper added.

From now on, e-TCB enables five ways of authentication: ID-card, mobile-ID and via internet banks as well as new alternatives Smart-ID and eIDAS. A number of new functionalities were added to the authentication service, which can be accessed in e-TCB under „Settings" - „Access rights". Further information on these developments can be obtained here.

Moreover, the next upgrade of the e-TCB customer desktop is ready for use, but the final version will be completed in the autumn. In addition to the existing functionality - list of settlements and declarations/returns – a new online communication component is also available, which enables messaging with e-TCB (former „Notifications to ETCB”) and viewing electronically delivered documents. The service of drawing up certificates has been updated as well.

In the event of technical faults and errors in the new environment, please inform us of these and other problems using ETCB customer support contacts. We already know that due to the maintenance there are a limited number of cases where customers may not see the supporting documents uploaded at the customs declarations on May 2nd and 3rd. Customers do not need to take action, we will contact the enterprises ourselves whenever necessary.

The services were developed by ETCB in cooperation with the Information Technology Centre for the Ministry of Finance, Cybernetica, Nortal and Icefire. The total value of the four contracts concluded for the development of e-Tax/e-Customs in 2017 is 2.6 million euros, of which the subsidy of the European Regional Development Fund is 1.9 million euros.

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