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There may be inaccuracies in land tax notices concerning tax incentives calculated on residental land of your dwelling-place

12 February 2020

On receiving land tax notices, it became evident that in the data forwarded by the local government agency lots of people have failed to receive the land tax incentive for the residental land of their dwelling-place. This concerns people who have sold or purchased an immovable property in the second half-year of 2019. From the inquiry to the Land Board it appeared that the reason for that is a failure between the x-Road design of the renewing of addresses of the population register and the land tax information system of the Land Board. That is why not all the data reached us faultlessly.

In the coming weeks the Estonian Tax and Customs Board shall send personal notifications to the people who have received incorrect tax notices. The incorrect land tax notice shall be annulled and the new one will be sent. The due date for payment of land tax is 31 March, so we recommend you not to hurry to pay your land tax, if you doubt that you have received the incorrect tax notice.  

If you have paid the land tax already, then the overpaid amount will go first to the prepayment account and you may ask this back after the correct land tax notice shall be issued and the settlement of an account made on the basis of it.

We apologize for having caused you any inconvenience.

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