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Reminder from ETCB: the planned interruption of the ETCB information systems takes place this week

2 May 2019

We remind you that the interruption of the information systems of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) starts in the afternoon of May 3rd and all the services will be functional again by the evening of May 8th at the latest. During the outage, the work of x-road services linked to the e-Tax/e-Customs and the ETCB databases will be stopped, and similarly, you cannot make other queries in the ETCB information systems.

Head of service department at ETCB Triin Raaper: „I recommend that users should plan all their activities related to the ETCB information systems and databases before or after the interruption. For example, May 10th is the deadline of lodging income and social tax returns (Form TSD). If after the interruption you lack time for lodging your Form TSD and you have no time to do it before the interruption, you should pay taxes on May 10th and lodge the return later.“

Please note that due to the outage it is not possible to make queries in the ETCB information systems. „It means that people can neither make queries on their debts nor check their value added tax identification number,” Raaper said.

The interruption is caused by technical restructuring of the e-Tax/e-Customs to make e-services offered by ETCB more innovative, reliable and automatic. In the present phase of development we are creating better solutions for the administration of users, persons, access rights and authentication.

Whereas the ETCB –related X-road services will probably be available from May 6th already, the reopening of the e-Tax/e-Customs may take place not before the evening of May 8th.

Instructions and recommendations for the interruption period can be found on the ETCB website:

For further information, please take contact on the following customer service phone numbers:

  • business clients – 880 0812
  • private clients – 880 0811
  • customs information – 880 0814

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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