On submission of annual report by non-profit associations and foundations

Pursuant to subsection 36 (5) of the Non-Profit Associations Act and subsection 34 (4) of the Foundations Act, the annual report shall be submitted to the non-profit associations and foundations register within six months after the end of the financial year.

Further particulars on submission of the annual report you can find on the web page of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems: www.rik.ee/aruanne.

Pursuant to the amendment to the Foundations Act and the Non-profit Associations Act in force from 1st February 2016, the requirement for foundations and non-profit associations was repealed according to which all board members of the foundations and non-profit associations had to sign the annual report so far. Beginning from 01.02.2016 the report shall be signed, without exception (usual right of representation), at least by one board member of a non-profit association or a foundation.