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Instructions for ticking the box "Goods arrived" in the declaration of a postal consignment

At the second step of the postal consignment declaration application the box “Goods arrived” is pre-filled as default.

Vaikimisi täidetud lahter „Kaup on saabunud“

If you wish to declare the consignment before it arrives in Estonia, you can do it in the case you know the consignment’s tracking number. In such a case you have to untick the box "Goods arrived" and the declaration’s status will be pending the goods arrival.  When the goods have arrived and if the tracking number is indicated in the documents submitted by the courier upon the goods arrival, the system will direct the declaration to next statuses up to the release of goods.

If you receive a goods arrival notification from a postal or courier company, but you have submitted the declaration before the goods arrival and not received an e-mail from the postal consignment declaration system application on the release of declaration, please forward this information (courier’s notification and the number of declaration) to customs information