Declaration of cash on EU border

Any natural person entering the European Union or leaving the European Union and carrying cash of a value of € 10 000 or more or the equivalent in other currencies or bearer-negotiable instruments (e.g. promissory notes, shares, traveller’s cheques or other similar means of payment) has to declare it to the customs.

The simplest way is to declare cash electronically. In order to do so:

  • log into e-Tax/e-Customs
  • on the start page select “Online customs services” from the upper menu bar
  • on the e-services page select "Sularaha deklaratsioon" ("Cash declaration") from the menu on the left side
  • on the customer desktop that opens push the green button “New declaration”

In addition to EU rules there are separate provisions for control and declaration for intra community movements of cash in some Member States. Detailed information and references to the sites of individual Member States are available on the page "Cash Controls" of the website of the European Commission.