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Plants and plant products

Before taking plants or plant products with you, please make sure these are allowed to enter into the EU. The EU plant health rules cover the movement and trade of plants and plant products which are potential carriers of harmful organisms.


from 14 December 2019

We will add information soon.

before 14 December 2019

A traveller may bring along from non-EU countries:

  • 5 plants (incl. trees and bushes)
  • 3 kg of citrus fruits
  • 5 kg of fruit and vegetables
  • 20 cut flowers or sprays or a single bouquet or wreath made thereof
  • 5 house plants
  • 2 kg of flower bulbs or tubers
  • 5 retail packages of non-agricultural seeds (qualifying for the certification), each weighing 5 grams. The list of the seeds qualifying for the certification is available on the webpage of the Estonian Agricultural Board and the seeds may be brought only from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Serbia, Chile, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Taiwan, The United States of America, Turkey, Uruguay, South Africa.
    NB! It is not permitted to bring certified seeds from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

NB! Taist ja Singapurist orhideede sissetoomine ilma fütosanitaarsertifikaadita on keelatud.
Plants and plant products that are banned in the EU are listed in Council directive 2000/29. Plants and plant products not compliant with the EU plant health rules will be destroyed or sent back.

Taimed, taimsed saadused, millel puudub fütosanitaarsertifikaat või mis ei vasta kehtestatud taimetervise nõuetele kuuluvad hävitamisele või lähetajariiki tagasisaatmisele.

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