Food products

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Meat and milk products

From non-EU countries meat and milk products are prohibited from bringing along.

Exceptions: powdered infant milk, infant food and special foods required for medical reasons, under the conditions that these products do not require refrigeration before opening and are packaged proprietary brand products up to 2 kg per person.

Those products are but not limited to: meat, dairy produce, animal fats, sausages and similar products, of meat, meat offal or blood, pasta such as gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni, sauces and preparations thereof, soups and broths, ice cream, pet food.

Fish and fishery products

From non-EU countries, eviscerated fresh fish and fishery products may be brought along in the quantity up to 20 kg per person.

Presentation of the CITES permit is not required for up to 125 g caviar of sturgeon species brought along in a traveller’s luggage if marked with the respective label on the packaging.

Fish and fishery products coming from the Faroe Islands or Greenland may be brought along in quantities reasonable for personal consumption.

Other products of animal origin for human consumption

Other products of animal origin that not listed above may be brought along in the quantity up to 2 kg per person in those good do not contain any milk or meat.

Other food products for human consumption

From all countries it is allowed to bring along food products of non-animal origin (sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cakes) for personal consumption in reasonable quantities.

Plants and plant products

Pet food

From non-EU countries pet food required for health-related reasons may be brought along up to 2 kg under the conditions that these products, are intended for the pet accompanying the passenger, are shelf-stable and are packaged brand products.



 Further information from the Agriculture and Food Board