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Declaration of goods

Declaration of goods

Travellers must lodge the traveller's declaration (375.2 KB, PDF) if they have with them:

  • goods of a non-commercial nature, with the value exceeding the established tax exempt limit of 300 euros, or in quantities exceeding the established allowable amounts exempt from taxes; for persons travelling by air or sea the tax exempt value limit is 430 euros;
  • motor vehicles imported in Estonia as goods
  • goods and personal effects subject to import/export restrictions.

Travellers must lodge the customs declaration if they have purchased the goods outside the European Union:

  • with the value exceeding 1000 euros or in the quantity exceeding 1000 kg

Deposit of goods

 Travellers may deposit the goods subject to declaration, if:

  • they have not enough money to pay the required import duties and taxes
  • they have no documents required for declaration (e.g. a special permit, etc.)
  • customs have suitable storage facilities

Goods may be deposited with customs for 20 calendar days based on the respective written application submitted by a traveller. Deposit period may be extended by 30 calendar days if a traveller submits a well-founded application in writing to apply for the extension.

The following goods will not be taken for deposit:

  • live animals
  • foodstuffs
  • firearms and ammunition
  • highly flammable substances and explosives
  • radioactive substances and materials
  • poisonous substances
  • goods and objects that may cause damage to other deposited goods or objects, storage facilities, or to the health of customs officials (decision will be made by the officer accepting goods for deposit)
  • means of transport