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Customs regulations for persons travelling within the EU Member States

Quantitative limits of goods to be taken into Estonia by travellers arriving from other Member States

A traveller who is arriving from another EU Member State to Estonia and who is at least 18 years old is allowed to bring with his or her luggage across the border the following quantities of tobacco products, alcohol and motor fuel for his or her own consumption when crossing the border for the first time in the course of a day.

Tobacco products

  • 800 cigarettes
  • 400 cigarillos, weighing up to 3 g a piece
  • 200 cigars
  • 1 kg of smoking tobacco
  • 360 grams of solid tobacco substitute
  • 50 grams of another alternative tobacco product
  • maximum ten packages of smokeless tobacco product on the condition that one package contains no more than 50 grams of the product 

    Smokeless tobacco product means a tobacco product not involving a combustion process, including chewing tobacco, nasal tobacco and tobacco for oral use.


  • maximum 90 litres of wine, incl. sparkling wine up to 60 litres
  • maximum 110 litres of beer
  • maximum 10 litres of strong alcoholic beverages (with alcohol content over 22%)
  • 20 litres of other alcoholic beverages (with alcohol content below 22%)

Motor fuel

At arrival to Estonia a traveller is allowed to bring along in his or her motor vehicle fuel exempt from excise duty:

  • in a standard tank of a motor vehicle (incl. standard service tank of a motorised water craft) which is used in that vehicle or craft to reach the destination
  • in addition to the fuel in the standard tank, it is allowed to bring along motor fuel in the quantity to be used for non-commercial purposes only


A traveller may bring in foodstuffs for his or her own consumption from the EU Member States (incl. meat, fish, eggs, milk, and products manufactured out of these foodstuffs) without any restrictions.


When a ship in its way from one Member State into another Member State is sailing through the regions with special status: Åland, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, French Overseas Territories (Guadeloupe, Guana, Martinique and Reunion), Mount Athos of Greece, the same quantitative limits and restrictions to the value of the goods are applied as for goods imported from outside the territory of the European Union.

Choosing between the customs channels

A traveller who has nothing to declare or who carries goods with him or her in the quantity not exceeding the allowed limits should choose the green/blue channel for crossing the border if a border point has created the facilities for choosing between different customs channels.

Red channel should be selected if a traveller has with him or her:

  • dutiable goods
  • goods requiring a special permit or prohibited goods
  • goods in excess of the established limitations

If you are not convinced whether you should submit a written declaration for the goods you have in your luggage or not – please choose the red channel!

If there are no different channels in a border crossing point, a traveller has to approach a customs or a border guard officer for submitting goods for taxation or for presenting a special permit for the goods.

For further information please contact the local customs office or a customs officer on duty.

Customs help desk phone: +372 880 0814

Tip phone: +372 800 4444