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What you can do for your tax matters to be in order

What you can do for your tax matters to be in order

  • Follow up that your taxes are declared and paid in time. If you are in difficulties and the timely payment of taxes are becoming complicated or has already become difficult, please be sure to contact us. We try to find a solution in common.
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  • Please submit correct and objective data on declaration.

  • Keep yourself well informed about the changes in taxation – this will help you to avoid mistakes arising from ignorance.

  • If you have questions, please consult with our tax specialists.

How to inform us of tax offences

In order to guarantee fair competition and equal treatment of taxpayers, we would like you to inform us of tax offences.

We are waiting for your hints:

  • by phone: +372 800 4444 (free of charge, 24 h)

  • by e-mail:

On giving hints, please try to describe the details of offences committed or to be planned, as precisely as possible, about the place and time of the commitment, and the information of the persons related to the matter.

You can drop a hint to us anonymously as well or to request anonymity for yourself when the information acquired shall be treated. If possible, we still ask you to provide your contact details as well so that we can specify the details of the hint when needed.

We will not give feedback on the proceedings and the results thereof, whereas such information is tax secrecy. The information not falling within our competence shall be forwarded to the appropriate authority.