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Compiling and submitting a tax information certificate to higher education institutions

When applying for study allowance at a higher education institution according to the Study Allowances and Study Loans Act the Estonian Tax and Customs Board's certificate on your income can now be swiftly and comfortably compiled in the e-Tax/e-Customs and sent to a higher education institute.

We recommend compiling the certificate after the 10th day of each month, as it is thus possible to use the latest information from the preceding month.

You can add the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s digital seal to the certificate. This confirms that the document has been issued by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and the data presented is accurate and reliable.

Drawing up and sending the certificate is free of charge.

Compiling the certificate

  1. Log in to the e-Tax/e-Customs.
    In case you do not have an account in the e-Tax/e-Customs, you can sign a contract electronically in the internet before logging in the first time. More on creating the e-Tax/e-Customs account »
  2. Choose "Claims and liabilities", then "Certificates" and click "Alusta tõendi koostamist" ("Start certificate compilation").
  3. Choose "Maksuandmete tõend" ("Tax information certificate") from the drop-down menu and click on "Dokumendi liik valitud" ("Document type selected").
  4. Choose the language of the certificate (Estonian – eesti, Russian – vene or English – inglise) on the following page. Choose the beginning of the reporting period (month and year) from the drop-down menu. The end date of the period is always the date of compilation of the certificate and it cannot be changed.

    You can choose the following information to be inserted on the certificate:
    • income based on the natural person's tax return (tulu füüsilise isiku tuludeklaratsiooni alusel)

    • payments of employer(s) based on form TSD (declaration of income and social tax)
      (tööandja(te) deklareeritud väljamakse andmed deklaratsiooni TSD alusel) 

    • benefits for temporary incapacity for work and upon redundancy, unemployment insurance benefits, pensions, payments to the III pension pillar by employers and funded pension payments based on form TSD (declaration of income and social tax)
      (töövõimetus-, töötuskindlustus- ja koondamishüvitised, pensionid, tööandjate väljamaksed III pensionisambasse, kogumispensioni väljamaksed)

    • entries made in the employment register (töötamise registrisse tehtud kanded)

    • dividends and other equity payments (dividendid ja omakapitalist tehtud väljamaksed)

    • tax arrears in the period selected and at the date of completion of the certificate (maksuvõlg).

    All data blocks are selected by default. Since showing information of employment register nor tax arrears is not necessary for study allowance application, please remove ticks from boxes next to these choices.

    Then click "Koosta tõend" ("Compile a certificate").

  5. A certificate in PDF format is created, which can be viewed in the table of compiled certificates displayed on the same page. The certificate can be opened, viewed and downloaded.

    For adding a digital seal to the certificate, click on the link "Lisa digitempel" ("Add a digital seal"). The system generates a certificate in BDOC format and adds it to the table.

  6. For sending the certificate, click on the link "Saada e-kirjaga" ("Send via email"), write the recipient's email address in the box "Sisestage e-posti aadress" ("Insert email address") and then click "Saada" ("Send"). The certificate will be forwarded to the recipient as an email attachment.

Always consider carefully before forwarding your information to other parties or before printing the document.

For recipients of the certificate

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board issues certificates from the official email and the automatic email contains the following text:

Dear Sir/Madam
Please find attached a certificate issued by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.
Yours sincerely
Estonian Tax and Customs Board

A recipient can be certain that a certificate in BDOC file format received from is a document sent by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

The certificates are registered in the information system of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board at the moment of compilation, and in case of doubts, the certificates can be reproduced.