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The priorities of customs field are the future of IT-systems and the role of customs in the prevention of terrorist financing

23 June 2017
DG Valdur Laid sharing Estonias experience on IT- development with Lihtuanian and Irish colleagues.

During the presidency of the EU Council Estonia’s focus in the customs area is on the development of joint IT-systems with the view of reaching cost-effective solutions and avoiding duplication. Furthermore, discussions will be continuing on better prevention of cross-border movement of cash intended for terrorist financing and illegal import of the objects of cultural value.  

Director General of Estonian Tax and Customs Board Valdur Laid and the head of the customs cooperation working group Ardi Mitt presented the priorities of the Estonian presidency in leading the working groups of the customs union and customs cooperation to their colleagues at the meeting of customs directors general in Austria today.

In relation to the implementation of the new Customs Code the joint development of the EU customs systems is again on the agenda, since Member States are in different stages in developing and updating digital customs services. During the presidency Estonia will continue discussions on the possibility of gradual transition to the joint development of IT-systems within the EU, which would avoid duplication and decrease the burden and value of administration.  

For the purpose of preventing terrorist financing it is intended to move forward with the draft cash controls regulation. Currently a cash declaration must be submitted at the EU border if you are carrying cash in the amount of 10,000 euros or more. The new regulation will, inter alia, lay down the procedure of controlling the cross-border movement of cash in postal and express mail items.  

Member States will also continue discussions on how to prevent terrorist financing by more efficient control of the import of cultural goods.