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Businesses can view ratings of their tax compliance on the ETCB`s e-portal

From this October, ETCB is providing on its E-Tax/E-Customs portal the new service of aggregate tax behaviour ratings, which provide business operators with an overview of the state of their tax matters.

Tax conference: what has technology got to do wit paying taxes?

On the 5th of October tax and IT specialists will be gathering at the conference „SmartEST Taxation“ in Tallinn to discuss the next-generation smart and secure e-services and how tax data collected can be reflected back to businesses.

Ecofin ministers discussed the centralisation of the customs union's IT systems

On Saturday, EU economic and finance ministers talked about the idea of centralising the development of the customs union’s IT systems as what would possibly be the most cost-efficient way forward.

The priorities of customs field are the future of IT-systems and the role of customs in the prevention of terrorist financing

During the presidency of the EU Council Estonia’s focus in the customs area is on the development of joint IT-systems with the view of reaching cost-effective solutions and avoiding duplication.

Income declared through Uber and Taxify has overwhelmingly increased

The last year’s income declared through Uber and Taxify was five times higher than in the preceding year. Likewise, the number of persons who declared foreign or rental income has risen.

Business operators get a VAT number automatically now

Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) updated the VAT-registration service, which enables taxpayers to carry out all the operations in the e-Tax/e-Customs environment and automatically receive a response to the registration application.

The information system of the Estonian Master Tariff moves to smartphone as first in Europe

As from today, Estonian Tax and Customs Board takes into use several new developments, which simplify business activities for companies engaged in international trade.

Valdur Laid has been appointed the new head of ETCB

Valdur Laid who has managed large companies in Estonia and in Finland for a long time will assume office of the director general within the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on June 1.

Beginning from April ETCB also publishes supplies and labour force of companies

Economic operators have new opportunities to examine the background of its transaction partners and enhance its business transparency.

Information required to apply for a bank loan can now be obtained from the Tax and Customs Board

From today the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will offer the possibility of drawing up a tax information certificate for private or company’s purposes, which provides a convenient and speedy way to give banks the information they need for evaluating your lending capacity.