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Multilingual environment for submission of income and social tax returns

24 July 2015

The environment for submission of income and social tax returns (TSD) has been enhanced and is now multilingual. This enables the businesses to declare their tax liabilities also in Russian and in English besides the Estonian language.

“This will simplify the submission of the tax returns for many businesses and by providing the service in the multilingual environment we have given a good signal also to investors”, explained Mr. Egon Veermäe, the Deputy Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Provision of basic services in multilingual environment has also been established as one of the main preconditions for further development of e-Tax Board/e-Customs environment and according to Mr Veermäe the transition to the multilingual e-Tax Board/e-Customs environment will be effected step-by-step.

The electronic environment for submission of TSD was considerably improved already at the beginning of the year, when the amended tax return forms were introduced, as a result of which the system itself is calculating the tax liability based on the submitted source data. In addition, a new facility was added in the e-Tax Board/e-Customs environment for the taxpayers enabling them to process the data they have already inserted in the income and social tax returns they have submitted. 
July 24, 2015