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Upgraded desktop of e-MTA environment

From September 2019, the e-services of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) are available in the newly redesigned e-MTA environment, which offers its users logically structured content and easy navigation.

When entering into the redesigned e-MTA, the first thing displayed is an upgraded desktop with a new design and structure, providing users (both private and professional) with a clear overview of their tax and customs information and prospective liabilities.

The underlying principle of the upgrade is that maintaining compliance in tax and customs matters is similarly easy for occasional users as well as for people who represent enterprises and submit declarations every day.

It is a clear, helpful environment which takes into account users’ real life so that each business operator is able to send their tax information and fill out customs declarations without any specific user-training.

There is a new possibility for professional users to design their desktop themselves: most frequently used content blocks can be prioritized and the number and selection of columns in tables changed.

Introduction video: Upgraded desktop of e-MTA (in Estonian)


Most important elements of the e-MTA desktop

Summary view

In a summary view one can view the current state of all information concerning the user, including declarations, returns, claims and liabilities, depending on the rights and authorisations of the user.

The view of a person represented

In this view one specific person represented (a natural or legal person) is selected and the information displayed concerns only this person.

Menu and navigation

The main menu with various e-services is now located on the left side of the screen. The menu items of all types of person (a natural person, sole proprietor, legal person) can be found in the summary view. Fast information retrieval or transmission has been made more convenient by means of quick links, which can be saved. Likewise, e-services and information can be quickly found with the help of search function.

Help centre

If immediate assistance is needed, there is the possibility of starting a conversation, receiving context-based information and reading answers to frequently asked questions on each page.

Communication and delivery of documents

Users can start a conversation with the ETCB to get answers to their questions. The ETCB can deliver notifications, certificates and documents to users.


It is possible to view the balance of liabilities and prepayment account balance, and search claims and relevant operations through various filter functions. Users can make balance queries and file requests for refund.

Customs summary view and desktop – the overview of customs declarations

Under the menu item "Customs" the user will find all customs services and the services related to the import and export of goods.

Taxes summary view and desktop – the overview of tax returns

The menu item "Taxes" includes all the services which are related to tax liabilities arisen or paid. The user will find here income and social tax returns, income tax returns of a natural person, information on excise duties, land tax, VAT, local taxes etc.


The project was financed by the European Regional Development Fund.