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E-Tax/e-Customs is being updated: access permissions and authorisations

From 8 May 2019, a new portal for access permissions and authorisations will be in operation. The approach to rights during the use of e-services will change. Users will retain all their existing rights; however, packages of access permissions and rights (access permissions) included therein will change.

What is new?
  • Automatic packages based on data originating in source registers (Population Register, Commercial Register).

  • Every user will be able to view their access permissions, access permissions history and log.

  • Every user will be entitled to waive the access permissions granted to them (except for access privileges granted by the system automatically).

  • Every user will be able to subdelegate their access permissions once (if delegation is permitted).

  • Where the permissions of the administrator of authorisations are held, all the access permissions granted in the name of the person may be viewed on behalf of the person represented and access permissions may be added, changed or cloned on behalf of the person (unless it is a permission granted by the system automatically).

  • Favourites and administration thereof (streamlining the granting of access permissions and enabling users/persons to be included among or removed or, when access permissions are granted, chosen from among favourites.

  • Comparison of representatives’ access permissions with respect to one person represented.

Access privileges will be available from 8 May 2019 in the e-Tax/e-Customs in section ‛Settings‛ under the menu item ‛Access permissions‛.

29 April 2019