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Information and news of e-Tax/e-Customs

We are modernising our electronic environment e-Tax/e-Customs and will make our services more convenient to use. The new self-service portal will be named e-MTA and it will be finished by 2020.

The first services already have a new visual appearance and are more client-friendly, such as the submission of the customs declaration and the VAT payer registration.

On this page, we will share news about the new electronic services and developments of the e-MTA.


E-Tax/e-Customs is being updated: user account

E-Tax/e-Customs is being updated: access permissions and authorisations »

Information on the use of the e-service portal »

Options for logging in to e-Tax/e-Customs »

Employment register got a new design »

E-declarations now have a new appearance »

Salary payment – a payment solution developed by LHV Bank and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board »

Password cards can no longer be used for entering the e-Tax/e-Customs electronic environment »