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Information and news of e-Tax/e-Customs

We are modernising our electronic environment e-Tax/e-Customs and will make our services more convenient to use. The new self-service portal will be named e-MTA and it will be finished by 2020.

The first services already have a new visual appearance and are more client-friendly, such as the submission of the customs declaration and the VAT payer registration. More information on how the new e-MTA will look and function can be viewed from the e-MTA demo.

On this page, we will share news about the new electronic services and developments of the e-MTA.


Employment register got a new design


The employment register has a new look since the evening of June 18, which corresponds to the future design of the e-Tax/e-Customs to be completed in 2020.

The overall function of the employment register did not change, but its redesign includes supporting texts, which will be updated as appropriate.

Besides, the function of entering a workplace address and official title was updated, but these data are not mandatory at the moment. Country field was added as well, for cases where employees work abroad. From now on it is possible to add the same workplace address and/or official title either to all employment entries or to several entries selectively.

The function of entering a workplace address and official title was added due to the preparations of Register-Based Population and Housing Census (REGREL). In cooperation with the Statistical Office and employers’ representatives it was considered that collecting such information through the employment register is the most practical solution.

The new design of the employment register was developed with support from the structural funds.


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