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Information and news of e-MTA

We are modernising our electronic environment e-Tax/e-Customs and will make our services more convenient to use. The new self-service portal is named e-MTA and it will be finished by 2020.

The first services already have a new visual appearance and are more client-friendly, such as the submission of the customs declaration and the VAT payer registration.

On this page, we will share news about the new electronic services and developments of the e-MTA.



Upgraded desktop of e-MTA environment

From 2 September 2019, the e-services of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board are available in the newly redesigned e-MTA environment, which offers its users logically structured content and easy navigation.

More information can be found in the brief introduction of the upgraded desktop of the e-MTA.

The upgrade of the e-MTA environment was financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The service was developed in collaboration between the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of Finance, Cybernetica AS, Icefire OÜ and Nortal AS.

Introduction video: Upgraded desktop of e-MTA (in Estonian)



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