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Granting access permissions for using e-MTA

In order for a representative of a legal person (company, state and local government authority, non-profit association) to use e-MTA services on behalf of a legal person, the person with the right to represent a legal person must grant representative the necessary access permissions.

In order for a representative of a natural person (including representative of a sole proprietor) to be able to use e-MTA services on behalf of a natural person, he/she must grant representative the necessary access permissions.


The easiest way to grant access permissions is to use the self-service portal e-MTA. It is also possible to come to a service bureau of the Tax and Customs Board or send a power of attorney/application by e-mail.

All access permissions for using e-services granted to representatives include the right to view and change the contact details of a represented person, receive and read the administrative acts of a represented person, read the notifications sent to a represented person and have correspondence with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on behalf of a represented person.

Granting access permissions

In the e-MTA

An adult natural person, sole proprietor and a legal representative of a legal person automatically has “the right of the representative of a person to administer the user rights of applications” that allows him or her to grant access permissions to other representatives and terminate, amend, clone, etc. those access permissions.

To grant representatives access permissions in the e-MTA:

  • select “Settings” > “Access permissions” > “Access permissions of representatives” from the menu;
  • select “New access permission”;
  • use personal ID code, registry code or user ID to find a person or choose from favourites;
  • select “Search”;
  • if you want to give the same access permission to several persons, repeat the search;
  • set the “valid from” date of the access permission (“valid until” date can be added later);
  • decide whether a representative can delegate the access permission, i.e. pass it on to another person;
  • search for a package of access permissions or a separate access permission. If you do not know the exact name of the access permission, click on the symbol of a magnifying glass in the “Area” box and select which area’s access permission you are searching for or leave the search boxes empty.
  • select “Search”;
  • find the necessary access permission, tick the box in front of it and select “Add”.

More information on e-MTA access persmissions

By e-mail

In order to grant access permissions by e-mail, send to

  • a digitally signed power of attorney or application (find forms of applications or powers of attorney here »)
  • a file containing:
  1. a photo of a power of attorney signed with a handwritten signature;
  2. a photo of the page (or pages) of the identity document of a person with the right to represent a legal person that contains document holder's photograph (the photo shall clearly show the person’s picture and the period of validity of the document);
  3. a separate photo of the person with the right to represent a legal person.

At a service bureau

Please bring to the service bureau:

  1. an identity document;
  2. a notarised power of attorney to represent a natural person, sole proprietor or legal person if you are the authorised representative;
  3. application or power of attorney forms are available at the service bureau or it is possible to fill them in in advance and take the forms with you. Find the application or power of attorney forms here.

Addresses and opening hours of service bureaus and customs offices »