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New in the e-MTA: notifications about access permissions

From 27 February 2020, it is possible to receive notifications regarding the access permissions for using the e-services of the e-MTA. Notifications will help to remind you the expiry of your or your representatives’ e-MTA access permissions, so that you can promptly extend them if necessary. Legal persons can also receive notifications when a representative has been given an access permission or a representative has discarded the access permission given to him or her.

Notifications about your own access permissions

In order to subscribe to the notifications about your access permissions that are expired or about to expire, please enter the e-MTA and select "Settings" – "Access permissions" – "My access permissions".

If you represent more than one person in the e-MTA, please select "General overview" and then "Settings" – "Access permissions" – "My access permissions" to subscribe. You will receive notifications about the access permissions of all represented persons.

Access permissions can be found under settings

Notifications about representatives’ access permissions

Notifications about the access permissions of representatives can be subscribed to by a member of the board or a person who has the access permission "The right of the representative of a person to administer the user rights of applications" for managing permissions.

Select "Settings" – "Access permissions" – "Access permissions of representatives" to subscribe to notifications about:

  • access permissions given to a representative;
  • access permissions discarded by a representative;
  • access permissions of a representative about to expire;
  • access permissions of a representative that have expired.

The representatives' assecc permissions can be found under settings

Subscribing to notifications

To subscribe to notifications, tick the box in front of the type of notifications. You can unsubscribe by removing the tick.

You can subscribe to notifications either in Estonian, English or Russian.

Notifications are sent to the e-mail address available in your contact details (see "Settings" – "Contact details"). The e-mail address in "Contact details" can be changed if necessary.


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