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ETCB shall send land tax notice to 324 000 people

10 February 2020

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) started issuing land tax notices from today. 389 000 notices to 324 000 people in the amount of 59,7 million euros shall be sent out by e-mail, phone brief message or by post.

Land tax notices will reach people by 15 February at the latest and everyone can have a look at the notice in the e-MTA now already. If a person is refunded his /her overpaid amount of income tax on submitting an income tax return, it is easy to cover the land tax obligation on the account of this as well.

As an innovation, it is henceforth possible to order an e-invoice for payment of the land tax claim. „Making use of e-invoices shall give the customers an opportunity to fulfil their land tax liability easily, without a close contact and in time,” said Evelyn Liivamägi, the head of the Tax Department of ETCB.

E.invoice can be ordered on the Internet bank, on the website and from e-MTA ’Calculation’ through the menu item ’Ordering e-invoice’ . To make an order, the reference number of the prepayment account of the e-MTA shall be used which can be found on the land tax notice or on the website of ETCB through search of personal reference number. The order shall be valid for subsequent land tax claims as well the due dates of payment of which are 31 March and 1 October each year.

In addition, Liivamägi pointed out that if you find any inaccuracies in the basic data concerning the land on your land tax notice, the Land Board or the local government authority shall be contacted. The information about the contact person of the local government is given on every land tax notice.

The land tax up to 64 euros on the land locating in any local government authority shall be paid all at once by 31 March. From the land tax exceeding 64 euros, at least a half shall be paid by 31 March but not less than 64 euros. The remaining part of the land tax may be paid until 1 October.

If there are any questions about the land tax notice, we ask private customers to call the information phone of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board 889 0811 or use the e-mail address and business customers to call the information phone 880 0812 or use the e-mail address If there are questions about land taxation and application of tax exemption, please address the local government authority of the location of your land.

The land tax e-invoices update was financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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