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ETCB sent out land tax notices to over 296,400 people

16 February 2016

Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) sent out more than 362,400 land tax notices to more than 296,400 people last week. Almost 80 percent of the notices were sent by email, information on the tax notice was sent by SMS text message to 13,300 people and 67,700 people are receiving their notices by post to their registered address as per the population register.

According to Evelyn Liivamägi, Head of the Tax Department at ETCB, a portion of notices were sent by SMS text message for the first time last year in order to reduce the number of paper-based notices to be sent out and the related cost. “We are always trying to find more convenient methods for getting in touch with people, so that they would find out about their important information easily and on time. We strongly recommend everyone to make sure their details on e-Tax Board/e-Customs are updated, so that they receive their notices,” Liivamägi said.

Text messages are sent out this year to all of those individuals who filed their personal income tax return electronically last year and specified their mobile telephone number in their contact details but not an email address. The SMS notification contains information about the land tax notice on e-Tax Board/e-Customs. Recipients must log on to e-Tax Board/e-Customs and open the notice there in order to read its detailed content.

Land tax of up to 64 euros on land located in any municipality must be paid all at once by 31 March. If the land tax amount is in excess of 64 euros, at least half is due by 31 March but not less than 64 euros in any case. The remainder of the land tax may be paid by 3 October.

Liivamägi pointed out that taxpayers continue to have the option to allocate a portion of their income tax refund to cover their land tax. “And if everything is fine with the income tax return, we will process and pay out the remainder of your refund in the ordinary course.”

If you have any questions related to land tax notices, please contact the land tax information hotline of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board by dialling 880 0816 or email us at For any questions related to land taxation or application of exemptions on land tax, please contact the local government of the location of the land.