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ETCB information system outage

22 August 2019

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) will have a scheduled outage in its information systems in the evening of 30 August from 5 pm. The downtime is necessary for the e-Tax/e-Customs to implement a sleek modern design and convenient structure. We expect that you will be able to log onto the updated self-service system on 31 August and all e-services will once again be available by the evening of 1 September.

During the outage the e-Tax/e-Customs will be unavailable.

The new self-service system e-MTA will open on 31 August but it must be noted that the designs of its component e-services will then be updated one by one, which may take until the evening of 1 September. A single e-service will be unavailable at a time.

We suggest to plan your activities involving the ETCB's information systems and databases for before or after the downtime. Please contact the e-Tax/e-Customs hotline 880 0815 or email address for further information.


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