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ETCB and Uber collaborate in seeking solutions for the development of the sharing economy

9 October 2015

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) and the technology company Uber are setting up a working group to analyse collaboration points between Uber’s global cash-free service and the ETCB's contactless reporting scheme in order to offer new ways of paying tax liabilities in transport sector.

The working group is going to find out the proper tax paying solutions for the sharing economy services, which are expanding all over Europe.
As a result of the joint pilot project of Uber and the ECTB, a new tax declaration platform will be developed, which is meant to simplify tax declaration process for Uber’s partner drivers. First results are expected in 2016.

The broader goal of this collaboration is to promote the Government’s e-Estonia action plan, Uber’s innovative technology platform and to address regulatory challenges in the digital era.

The Director General of the ETCB, Marek Helm:
"New modern business models based on digital solutions have been developed in several areas of activity including the transport and trade sector which replace or complement traditional business practices. For this very reason, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board is willing to offer a convenient public service that takes into account the possibilities and needs of new business solutions. Earning income and paying taxes on your income should not be a burden. It is the tax administrator’s duty to devise smooth and transparent technical solutions providing entrepreneurs with assurance that everything is in order. Accuracy in tax matters increases credibility and reliability in the eyes of consumers.”

The General Manager of Uber in Estonia, Enn Metsar:
“We are really excited to work with such a foresighted and innovative government agency in the framework of this pilot project. Service providers on the global digital market like Uber help raise the potential of the sharing economy creating new possibilities and growth. Estonia stands out with its progressive digital economy and Estonian tax officials have taken initiative in Europe, being ready to accept changes and seeking for new ways of exploiting the developments offered to one of the world’s IT capitals by technology."
9th of October 2015