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Estonian Tax and Customs Board is planning to update the design and user-friendliness of e-ETCB

12 May 2015

Estonian Tax and Customs Board opened the public procurement procedure to update the design of e-Tax Board/e-Customs environment (e-ETCB), which in addition to the visual side of the self-service environment will focus on the principles on the basis of which in the nearest future the new user-friendly and contactless applications will be created to our customers for convenient administration of taxes.

“We wish to configure the e-ETCB into a good assistant to business operators by even more simplifying the payment of taxes, enabling them to perform all the elementary operations in future by means of smart devices, and providing real-time advice to taxpayers in performing their tax liabilities. The public procurement is the first step of a bigger project that could become “a flagship” of the e-services for the next 10 to 15 years to come. Hopefully the IT companies will share this ambition with us and will present their progressive ideas in the course of the procurement process”, explained Mr. Marek Helm, the director General of Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

In the forthcoming years the objective of updating the e-ETCB is to develop the automated application for convenient and secure information exchange for data transmission between ETCB and the taxable persons, and to develop the e-invoicing facility for payment of taxes, instead the former facility of direct debiting. “It should be discussed with the business operators what data and in which format they would need, so that the state could reflect these data back to them”, said Mr Helm.

The present self-service environment of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board – the e-Tax Board/e-Customs, was developed almost 14 years ago; it is technologically outdated and is becoming a hindrance to the implementation of new required functions and to the application of any contemporary solutions, such as use of smart solutions. As a result of the works contracted under the public procurement the new style guide containing pictures and textual information, and the draft technological specification of e-ETCB will be produced, enabling to find the modern and convenient methods of communication by using the e-services.

The procurement procedure is conducted in the form of a competitive dialogue. This year we intend to collect more ideas from the users of presently available e-services as regards the updating of the existing services and developing the new services. In the nearest future we will start with the implementation of new technical solutions.  
May 12, 2015