The following table will help to provide English-language EORI registration form. 

Original text (EST) Translated text (ENG) Descriptions
EORI number EORI number EORI number will appear in the system after its successful entry in the EORI central database.
Isiku nimi Name of the person Full name of the person.
Mitteresidendi kood Registry code/personal ID code Registry code of a legal person, personal ID code of a natural person.
Käibemaksukohustuslase number VAT registration number VAT identification number, where assigned by EU Member States.
Asutamise / sünni kuupäev Date of establishment/birth Date of establishment or, in the case of a natural person, date of birth.
Põhitegevusala kood Code of principal activity NACE (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community) 4-digits code designating the principal activity of the person.
Isik Type of a person Status: legal person / natural person.
Mitteühenduse isiku tolli ID Customs ID code of a non-Community person In the case of a person not established in the customs territory of the Community: identification number, where assigned to the person concerned for customs purposes by the competent authorities in a third country with which an Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance in customs matters is in force. This identification number shall include the identifier of the country or territory (ISO alpha 2 numbered country code).
* Tänav, maja nr, korter * Street, house, apartment Address of establishment / address of residence.
Sihtnumber Postal code Postal code
* Vald / linn * Rural municipality/city City/rural municipality of a legal address of a legal entity entered in the Commercial Register, or city/rural municipality of the address of a natural person entered in the Population Register
* Riik  * State A two digits ISO code of a state
* Kas olete nõus oma andmeid avalikustama?   Ei avalikusta Jah, avalikustan  * Disclosure of the EORI number, name and address of a person in Internet via the data dissemination system DDS? I agree / disagree consent or disagreement as regards the disclosure of these data must be definitely expressed. Disclosure means making your EORI number, name and address accessible in DDS. If you do not give consent to disclose your data then it is possible to check only the validity of your EORI number but your name and address will not be visible.
* Kontaktisiku nimi * Name of a contact person Please indicate the name of a natural person representing the company, not the name of a company
* Tänav, maja nr, korter * Street, house, apartment Contact data of a contact person Contact data of a company as indicated in e-Tax Board contacts list under “Lepingud ja seaded”. For third country companies it is advisable to provide contact data of their representatives in Estonia.
Sihtnumber Postal code  
* Vald / linn * Rural municipality / city  
* Riik * State  
Telefon Telephone number  
Faks Fax number  
* e-mail * e-mail address  
EORI kehtivuse lõpu kuupäev (pp.kk.aaaa) EORI expiry date (dd.mm.yyyy) If you will enter the EORI expiry date then your EORI number will become invalid on that date. NB! The system will not allow entering of an earlier date!