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Employment register is starting to collect data for census

28 May 2019

From June 1st it is mandatory on the registration of employment to indicate the employee’s official title and the address of workplace. Without these data making new entries is impossible in future, and this also applies to changing or deleting entries.

According to Tiina Lindroos, the development specialist of the service department at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB), such a change is necessary for enabling the state to collect more accurate data on working places and job titles. Lindroos said: „State authorities together with the representatives of employers have come to the conclusion that additional administrative burden on employers will be the smallest if workplace addresses and job titles are entered in the employment register, which is already familiar to employers. Earlier, they used to receive such information from censuses“.

Diana Beltadze, the project manager of register-based census at Statistics Estonia, said that the next population and housing census is taking place in 2021 as a register-based census, i.e. input is received from the data which are already available in databases. „Due to the new requirement concerning the employment register, which is administrated by ETCB, we can use the register’s data as a part of the input needed for the census, “ Beltadze explained.

Data entered in the employment register have to cover the needs of the census and qualify as a basis for investigating pay gaps and identifying demand for positions, forecasting workforce needs and working out a regional workforce needs’ monitoring system based on job titles and workplace addresses. The objective of recording data on workplaces and jobs in the employment register is to reduce the burden on enterprises arising from the requirement to submit data to Statistics Estonia and the National Institute for Health Development.

Instructions for entering job titles and workplaces in the register are available for your assistance in the employment register and on ETCB website. Please note that while selecting a job title, you have to check out the group where the title belongs to according to the content of a job.

If you need any assistance with your entries, please turn to Statistics Estonia on the phone 625 9100 or at the email address

The development of the employment register was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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