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Development of new ETCB e-portal begins

23 October 2017
Up from left Valdur Laid and Vilve Vene, down left Margus Noormaa and Lauri Tammiste.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board and IT Centre of the Ministry of Finance on Friday awarded contracts to software companies Icefire and Nortal for the development of a new e-Tax/e-Customs (e-ETCB). The contracts involve the first phase of development where the structure of the online system will go through a comprehensive overhaul and the user experience of the online services will be improved by 2019. 

The contracts are worth 1.5 million euros and development is financed from the European Regional Development Fund. Those are the first three contracts from an estimated total of 5 million euros to be spent by Estonian Tax and Customs Board on fundamentally and visually transforming the tax filing and payment system.

Valdur Laid, Director General of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, stated that these developments will bring about notable changes for the customer. “A new technological foundation will help reduce physical contact with us to the greatest possible extent. This will mean more technical solutions for sending data or otherwise interact with us and the services of e-ETCB will have a clearer and more convenient design,” Laid said.

Vilve Vene, Chairman of Icefire, says they are happy to help once again raise the standard of quality of the agency’s online services as they have worked on ETCB technology for a long time. “We believe that this innovation will make interactions of Estonian companies, individuals and e-residents with the state more amicable and convenient,” Vene added

Margus Noormaa, Director of the IT Centre of the Ministry of Finance said it was notable that the new online tax filing system is based on a modern service-based architecture. New components are based on open source software and management of applications and platforms will become simpler, Noormaa noted.

Lauri Tammiste, Head of the Public Sector Business Unit at Nortal, said ETCB’s e-solutions have been the flagship of the Estonian e-governance for years and a role model for other similar organisations worldwide. “We are pleased to contribute to the development of a new e-ETCB platform that will make Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s online platform clearer, more convenient and more up-to-date for the end user,” Tammiste added.

ETCB’s online tax filing system project involves the development of the customer’s work space as a so-called portal that will simplify navigation and getting to the desired outcome. The customer will also have a single view when they are consuming e-ETCB e-services. The new payments component will also give customers a much clearer view of their receivables, operations, prepayment account and refund requests. Making payments will also become easier.

General principles for service updates are available here:

October 20, 2017