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Deadline for payment of additional amount of income tax by private persons is July 1st

27 June 2019

Monday, July 1st is the deadline for the refund and additional payment of income tax. Based on the income tax returns submitted on the previous year, 41 616 persons have to pay additional income tax in the total amount of 11.4 million euros.

As for the refund, 180 million euros of income tax will be refunded on the basis of the 2018 income tax returns, which has almost doubled compared with the previous year.

According to Hannes Udde, service manager of the service department of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, the amounts to be additionally paid or refunded increased in this period of income declaration, because it was the first year when the new basic exemption system was used. “Although the number of people who turned to our customer service had substantially increased, the income declaration period passed without major problems,” Udde said.

“We recommend to comply with the deadline of additional payment of income tax, because late payments add interests to the amount of tax, increasing the total sum to be paid to a great extent. If it is not possible to pay additional tax by due date, tax arrears can be paid in instalments, so reducing the interest rate by 50%. The simplest way of doing this is to submit an application for payment of tax arrears in instalments in the e-Tax/e-Customs,” Udde added.

For people who declared gains from transfer of property or income received in a foreign state and for sole proprietors the deadline for the payment and refund of income tax is October 1st. Then 17 186 persons have to pay additional income tax in the amount of 37. 9 million euros.

Information on the payment and refund of income tax can be obtained on the Tax and Customs Board’s information phone 880 0811 and by email

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