Complex X-Road

Title Description ​Date
ETCB X-Road interface specification (285.99 KB, PDF) The document describes the general protocol for exchanging messages with the ETCB via the X-Road. This specification is common to all services offered and describes the technical aspects of communication ​22.11.2017
​X-tee TolliOperatsioon v. (7.45 KB) Technical description of the WSDL of the service (in the XML format) 22.11.2017
Complex X-Road interface (825.9 KB, PDF) The document describes the services relates to the customs declarations and offered to businesses through the X-Road 22.11.2017
Complex system to system interface message composition (141.97 KB, PDF) List of messages in the Complex 22.11.2017
xsd (22.34 KB, ZIP) Definitions of XML schemas of messages 12.10.2018

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