Use of seals of a special type

Application of the authorisation

The authorisation shall be applied together with the authorisation of the status of the authorised consignor for the Union transit operations, where sealing is required to ensure the identification of the goods placed under the Union transit procedure.

Legal basis

Keeping records

Records shall be kept on the seals. The records must contain at least the following data: the number of the transit declaration, date, the number of the seal, plate number of the road vehicle and the name of the authorised person (the person affixing the seal).

The user of the seals of a special type neither rearranges the unique numbers of the seals, nor reuses or duplicates thereof unless the customs authority grants permission for this.


In order to ensure the safety and inviolability, the holder of the authorisation is obliged to take every measure to keep the seals of a special type in good condition.