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Customs officers detected a record quantity of medicines that presumably can be used as doping substance

2 July 2015

Twice in June the employees of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) detected a large quantity of medicinal products, which most probably are anabolic steroids.

On 25 June the officials of the Northern Customs Office of ETCB detained a man who was driving from the D-terminal of the Tallinn Passenger Port on board of a ferry. In his vehicle the customs officers detected 1009 bottles (10 ml), 150 ampoules (1 ml) and 198 packages (10 mg) of medicinal products, which were hidden in the boxes meant for alcohol.

A couple of weeks before another member of the same family tried to carry across the border more than 9540 ampoules (1 ml and 1.5 ml), 100 bottles (10 ml) and 1400 tablets, which were hidden in the vehicle inside of a mattress. “The final decision on these substances can be made after the expert analyses are completed. In any case we can say that we have detained record quantities of doping substances”, explained Mr. Urmas Koidu, the Head of Customs Organisation Department of ETCB. Up to now doping substances have been detected at the border only occasionally.

Medicinal products containing anabolic steroids may be used in the treatment of patients who are suffering from muscle necrosis. The curative effect of these medicinal products to develop musculature and improve the performance capacity of sportsmen makes them attractive doping substances for sportsmen and the negative side effect that these medicines may have on people’s health are usually neglected.  Use of doping substances may damage the viscera, may cause impotence and growth of breasts for male users, and for female users it may cause hairiness or even baldness.

”In Estonia marketing authorisation has not been issued for any of the medicinal products containing anabolic steroids. Such medicinal products may be sold only by pharmacies operating under the activity licence issued by the State Agency of Medicines and on the basis of a medical prescription issued by a doctor.  Selling of medicinal products containing anabolic steroids in sports clubs, shops, in internet and any other places outside the pharmacies is illegal and punishable according to the law”, explained Ms Liis Prii, the Head of the Department of Inspection of the State Agency of Medicines.

Travellers who are carrying along medicinal products containing anabolic steroids must always have a notice of a doctor or a medical prescription with them in proof that a doctor has prescribed them the use of such medicine. Further information on travelling with medicinal products is available on the home page of the State Agency of Medicines.
July 2, 2015