Estonian Tax and Customs Board as an employer

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is tasked with the collection of state tax revenues, control of customs on the border, protection of companies from unfair competition, and provide help to the people who have questions or problems in the field of taxes and customs.

  • Estonian Tax and Customs Board operates in the administrative area of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Service bureaus and customs offices at border crossing points are located all over Estonia.
  • As of 1 April 2018, the number of employees is 1,336 people who work together at the agency towards a common goal.

  • In people, we value both youthful strive for knowledge and invaluable experience.

  • 62% of our staff has higher education.
  • Among specialties, the predominant ones are law, economics, and political science and governance.

  • The field of tax and customs can be studied at the Financial College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.
  • Working as a leading specialist at our agency provides interesting challenges both in Estonia and at the international level.

Structure of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board »

We are proud of the fact that, in the public opinion, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board is believed by the inhabitants of Estonia to be one of the most reliable state institutions – for us, this level of recognition is very important!

Working in one of the largest and rapidly developing public service organisations offers numerous exciting challenges as well as a safe working environment filled with diverse development opportunities and modern tools.


Staff in the offices of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and information about salaries


Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Strategic Development Plan 2017–2020 (460.74 KB, PDF)


We provide services and conduct tax audits to establish the best possible operating environment for taxpayers.


We support businesses and their growth.


  • We are innovative and provide capable assistance to taxpayers.

  • We value and recognise our people and develop our team.


  • We will provide simple and convenient services to taxpayers.

  • We will provide assurances to businesses that their tax and customs affairs are in order and ensure an equal competitive environment.