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Information phones

880 0811

Consultation to private clients and self-employed clients

880 0812

Consultation to business clients and VAT consultation

880 0814

Customs information, e-Customs

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880 0810

General information, information on tax arrears, land tax and heavy goods vehicle tax consultation
Skype: mta.eesti

Estonia 100

The Republic of Estonia
celebrates its
100th anniversary
in 2018.

Conference “SmartEST Taxation”, 5 October 2017

Our mission

We provide services and conduct tax audits to establish the best possible operating environment for taxpayers.



We support businesses and their growth.


  • We are innovative and provide capable assistance to taxpayers.
  • We value and recognise our people and develop our team.

Our objectives

  • We will provide simple and convenient services to taxpayers.
  • We will provide assurances to businesses that their tax and customs affairs are in order and ensure an equal competitive environment.