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Submission of value added tax return form KMD and KMD INF and payment of value added tax

Monday, 22.04.2019

Is also submitted by a non-resident who is registered in Estonia for VAT liability.

Filing value added tax return and its annex »

When making cross-border or interbank transfers, please note that there are the Easter holidays in Europe on 19–22 April 2019, and therefore we suggest you plan your transactions to be made during holidays well ahead.

On Monday, 22 April 2019, no interbank transfers will be made in Estonia. Therefore, please note that if you make a transfer from SEB Pank, Swedbank or Luminor Bank to the bank account of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board in the same bank, the payments will arrive on 22 April 2019. As for other Estonian banks, payments will arrive on Tuesday, 23 April 2019.