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Registration of non-residents

  • Taotlus mitteresidendist väljamakse saaja Maksu- ja Tolliametis registreerimiseks (252.28 KB, RTF)
    A company that has made distributions to non-residents will submit an application if such non-resident recipients of distributions do not have a commercial register number in Estonia and there are more than one recipient (for reporting on Annexes 2 and 3 of Form TSD and on Form INF 1)
  • Vorm R / Form R (279.03 KB, PDF)  Füüsilise isiku residentsuse määramise vorm / Application form for determination of residency  
  • Vorm R2 / Form R2 (249.51 KB, PDF)  Avaldus mitteresidendist maksumaksja registreerimiseks / Registration application for non-resident taxpayer 
  • Form R3 (39.24 KB, PDF) Registration application for non-resident taxpayer
  • Vorm R4 / Form R4  (258.49 KB, PDF) Mitteresidendist maksumaksja registriandmete muutmise, tegevuse lõpetamise või püsiva tegevuskoha likvideerimise avaldus / Application for non-resident taxpayer on changes in register entries concerning the termination of activities, liquidation of the permanent establishment and changes in other information
  • Vorm TM3 / Form TM3 (547.39 KB, PDF) Taotlus maksulepingu kohaldamiseks / Claim for the application of the Convention for avoidance of double taxation 

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