TIR Transport Internationaux Routier (International Transport of Goods)

International transport of goods takes place under cover of the internationally recognized customs declaration and guarantee document (TIR Carnet) and is regulated by the TIR Convention (1975).

In the European Union the holder of a TIR Carnet is obliged to enter the preliminary data (pre-departure or pre-arrival information) on goods moving under cover of TIR Carnet electronically to the customs office of departure/ customs office of entry via the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS).

Since 1 January 2011 the economic operators are obliged to lodge summary declarations containing the data on security and safety electronically at entry and at exit with the customs offices of the European Union, if the export declaration has not been lodged previously.

The person providing the data may choose whether he/she wants to submit the preliminary data of the TIR Carnet via the NCTS system with a summary declaration, or to lodge a separate entry or exit summary declaration in addition to the preliminary data of the TIR Carnet that have already been provided in the electronic environment.

Despite of the electronic exchange of the TIR Carnet data within the European Union, the paper-based TIR Carnet as a customs declaration and guarantee document will still remain the legal instrument in the Union.