New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)

European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Privacy statement (OLAF DPO 212) (PDF)

Submission of the data concerning the transit procedure and the data of the TIR Carnets to the transit data exchange system (henceforth NCTS) is mandatory. A person who is lodging the data may choose whether to lodge a transit declaration as a summary declaration, or to lodge either an entry or exit summary declaration in addition to the transit declaration.

The data of a transit procedure or of a TIR Carnet (henceforth the transit declaration) may be used as an entry or exit summary declaration provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. the goods are brought into or out of the customs territory of the Union under the transit procedure
  2. transit data are exchanged by use of information technology via computer network
  3. submitted information includes all the required data specified in Annex 30A of the Implementation Regulations to the Community Customs Code

The transit declaration must be lodged by a principal or holder of the TIR Carnet or, in case a principal/holder is informed, a person who has assumed responsibility for the transportation of goods within the customs territory of the Union.

Economic operators can lodge transit declarations, including in the role of summary declarations, electronically by use of the web based system NCTS of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, after having applied for the right to use this system with ETCB, or via the information system of an economic operator if there is a system-to-system interface between the information systems of Estonian Tax and Customs Board and of the economic operator. Technical specifications of the interface are accessible below in the table.

Technical specifications of the interface

Title Description Date
Functional transit system specification (461.92 KB, PDF) General introduction 10.11.2015
Functional transit system specification (1.49 MB, PDF) Business process threads for core business 10.11.2015
Functional transit system specification (PDF) Logical data model / Functional structure of information to be exchanged 18.05.2015
Codelists (112.76 KB, PDF) NCTS codelists: lists of available Technical Code Lists and Business Code Lists 30.03.2017
Technical specifications for NCTS (410.88 KB, ZIP) Technical specifications for lodging transit declaratsions and a TIR vouchers electronically. ZIP file contains general description of services, short overview of NCTS specifications and messages in XML and XSD formats. Please also check renewed codelist for this specifications 17.06.2016
emta-X-tee-eng (53.6 KB, PDF) Specification of X-Road Interface of ETCB 24.07.2012
NCTSi uuendatud koodiloend (2.13 MB, ZIP) NCTSi funktsionaalse spetsifikatsiooni uus koodiloend. 03.04.2017
Error Messages with Code S (84.36 KB, PDF) NCTS Operating Rules – Error Messages with Code S 05.10.2012
NCTS-fieldlist.csv (12.29 KB) Seostabel sisestusväljad <-> XML-i tagid. 08.07.2010
NCTS-data-schema.xsd (38.28 KB) Kliendi töölaualt formeeritava XMLi struktuur. 07.01.2010
IE15 tagide ja NCTS süsteemi siseste tagide seosetabel (10.72 KB) Tabel näitab seost IE15 tagide ja NCTS süsteemi siseste tagide vahel. 23.11.2010
Tegevusjuhis ettevõttele tolli infosüsteemide masin-masin liidese testide teostamiseks (PDF) Dokumendi eesmärgiks on kirjeldada testimisega seotud tegevusi, mida on ettevõttel vaja teha, kui ta hakkab esitama dokumente MTA tolli infosüsteemis kasutades masin-masin liidest. 07.05.2012
NCTS X-road test scenarios (79.04 KB, PDF) This document describes the scenarios necessary for testing the NCTS x-road of the Tax and Customs Board information processing system. 27.11.2015