Declaration processing system Complex

What is Complex?

Complex is a freely available web-based customs declarations' processing system, replacing the system ASYCUDA.

The need to implement a new system proceeded from the European Union requirement to apply new requirements of filling in of customs declarations in all member countries at latest starting from the 1st of January 2007. Transition to paper-free (electronic) customs clearance was one of the new requirements.

Complex is a modern, interactive, convenient and user-friendly web-based system of processing of customs declarations, developed in order to:

  • offer to clients a quick and convenient option of submitting of customs declarations
  • lift customs clearance to a modern level
  • simplify the use of electronic clearance
  • decrease the expenses, related to carrying out of customs clearance, both for enterprises and for the country
  • ensure uniform application of legislation in all member countries
  • improve the protection of society

Complex is a web-based system, the advantage of which is the possibility to use it from every computer with Internet access. The Estonian Tax and Customs Board can on a day-to-day basis update and maintain the system so, that users themselves do not have to do it, meaning the saving of expenses for enterprises. Customs declarations can also be drawn up and submitted in XML-format. A client can enter the e-MTA, for using Complex, via the Estonian Tax and Customs Board's website or via an Internet bank.

When did the system start operating?

Complex was activated on the 1st of May 2006.

Complex – why such a name?

The new system handles electronic processing and submitting of customs declarations in a comprehensive way. It means, that Complex is connected to a great number of subsystems, supporting and assisting it, for example the system of processing of permissions and of securities, Estonian Master Tariff System (EMTS) and the register of taxpayers. The subsystem of non-financial obligations also enables to forward reports to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board electronically.

Where does such a system come from?

Complex is completely Estonian own product.

To whom is the system Complex meant for?

The system Complex is meant for all persons who wish to submit to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board customs declarations, reports, who apply permission for applying of a customs procedure, etc.

Is it necessary to install some additional programmes?

It is not necessary to install any additional programmes, because the system is available free of charge in the e-MTA. Connection to the Internet is necessary.

Do paper declarations disappear?

In exceptional cases it is possible to submit paper customs declarations.

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