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Both, the number of persons who declared income from rent and the number of submitted income tax returns, have increased

26 May 2015

For last year 588 531 income tax returns were submitted to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) by natural persons, which is by 4.7 per cent more than was submitted for the year before. The number of persons who declared income from rent grew by 27.5 per cent.

According to Mr. Hannes Udde, the Leading Specialist of the Service Department of ETCB, all types of income declared for 2014 were bigger compared with what was declared for 2013; the total amount of income declared for 2014 was by 11.7 per cent bigger than the amount that was declared for 2013, or approximately by 6.7 milliard euro more.

According to Mr. Udde’s opinion the increased number of persons who declared income from rent is worth emphasizing at this point. Due to this the income from rent declared for last year amounted to 12.2 million euro or by 3.2 million euro more than the year before. Mr. Udde said: “Declaring income from rent has been a big problem for years but hopefully the awareness of people of the necessity to declare the income received from renting out their apartments will change for the better thanks to providing more information and advice to the taxpayers and to the improved cooperation of ETCB with local municipalities. Taxpayers have definitely taken a big step forward in this direction”. ETCB will pay much attention to the declaration of rental income also in future.

The primary reason for overall increase in the number of submitted tax returns is the introduction of the employment register. “Impact of the employment register cannot be underestimated, because more than 20 000 new taxpayers submitted the returns. The requirement to register employment has revealed also the persons who were not employed before and due to that they had no reason to submit the tax return”, explained Mr. Udde.
For last year the income from salaries and other income received in Estonia was declared in the amount of 6.4 milliard euro. 

Average income from salaries declared was 943 euro per month, which was by 45 euro more than was declared for 2013. 
Income in the amount of 1 million euro as a minimum was declared in 6 tax returns submitted, which is twice that was declared the year before.

May 26, 2015