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Beginning from April ETCB also publishes supplies and labour force of companies

12 April 2017

Economic operators have new opportunities to examine the background of its transaction partners and enhance its business transparency. Beginning from 10 April the Tax and Customs Board is publishing on its website in addition to the amounts paid also the supplies of the companies and the number of employees for a quarter.

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds an opinion that publishing data by the companies once in a quarter assists in changing the competitive conditions fairer and makes it possible to value employers who create jobs.

According to Mait Palts, the director general of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is a move to the right direction. “Economic operators wish a fair business environment and the publication of the number of employees and the amount of supply shall contribute to it. That is so first and foremost from the standpoint of the societal control,” he said. “All possible measures to narrow the expansible tax gap and to back fair competition are always welcome, and we would expect more active delivering of these from the politicians, officials and from various organisations as well," Palts said.

The amounts paid shall be published for every quarter by the tenth date of the month following the quarter. For the first time ETCB shall publish the tax data with the amounts of supply and the number of employees on 10 April together with the quarterly accounts for the first quarter in 2017.  

According to the words of the deputy director general of ETCB Rivo Reitmann, the Board more and more wishes to begin to reflect the data collected from economic operators back in the way useful to them.  “In addition to adding the amounts of supply and the number of employees into the table of the taxes paid, we have prepared a special certificate for tax data, thinking of economic operators, whereby transaction partners can give a survey of their business to each other,” Reitmann said.

The data concerning the labour force, wages and salaries, supply and tax arrears of the company can be displayed on the certificate and sent directly through the e-Tax/e-Customs to its transaction partner using a digital seal. “Thus the transaction partners can mutually bolster the confidence in the other that their tax matters are in order. In this way we increase the probability that the transaction conducted will succeed,” Reitmann explained. 

In order to get the certificate, you shall have to login into the e-Tax/e-Customs and choose from the column Nõuded ja kohustused> Tõendid> Maksuandmete tõend. The certificate can be made both on the data of a private person (wages and salaries, employers, other revenues, and the like) and of a company (supply data, payments to employees, and the like), and it is possible to choose whether to submit all the data or a part of these.  Use of the service of the tax certificate is optional and persons themselves will submit the information. Further information concerning the certificate of tax data is available  on the website here

Information about the table of taxes paid can be found here.